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To access the anthologies for the Edexcel iGCSE English course, click this button:


The English Literature paper consists of three sections.


Section A consists of unseen poetry and you are asked a 20-mark question. It is advised you spend a maximum of 35 minutes on this section.


Section B consists of poetry from the anthology. You will be asked a 'compare' question worth 30 marks, where you are asked to compare two poems on a certain theme such as 'war' etc. It is worth noting that you are asked to 'compare' not contrast which means you have to draw out similarities between the poems. Thorough knowledge of the anthology poems will ensure that you complete it within the recommended time frame of 40 minutes.


Section C consists of one 40-mark question on the studied text (eg: Of Mice and Men). You are advised to spend 45 minutes on this section.


Please ensure you study your text well in order to easily answer the question. Keep themes in mind while studying. 

To go to Section C: Of Mice and Men, use the drop down menu below English Language

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