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I will repeat this until the entire world hears it: please follow the specification. It includes the ONLY topics you have to learn. For this course, the best site I found was tutor2u. 

Here are some simplified business revision notes for the entirety of the Edexcel iGCSE Business course.

Exam Hacks

This iGCSE contains two papers. Paper 1 focuses on investigating small businesses while paper 2 focuses on investigating large businesses. These are the type of questions that will be asked in the exams:

Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 21.45.48.png

Tip: some of the answers require you to apply the case study. A way you could do this is by mentioning the brand name instead of the word 'product' or 'service', explaining the services they offer or mentioning their competitors.


For example:

Apple should focus on differentiating their products. This means that more customers will be attracted to Apple's iPhones as they offer different features to what competitors like Samsung offers. As a result, they are likely to sell more iPhones which could potentially lead to higher profits. 

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